Kimiko, Janosch, Max and Erik together form the (founding) team of sweat+salty. In addition to their special professional and social skills, they also bring many years of experience from different areas of work to the company. Our sweat+salty team is constantly growing, with many wonderful people contributing their unique skills and expertise to the success of the project on a daily basis. The strength of sweat+salty lies in the combination of their different resources.

Founder + CEO

Kimiko's great passion is sport, although she has increasingly focused on martial arts in recent years. Kimiko came up with the business idea and the concept for the business model. By founding the company, she fulfilled her dream of combining her work with her passion for sport and networking. She is responsible for the sweat+salty coach pool thanks to her excellent network in various areas of the sports and health industry. Kimiko selects new coaches and offers for the company and is an expert for all sweat+salty coaches and classes.

Qualification + Education: Kimiko Steinacker (31 years old) has a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies and a Master's degree in 'Leadership-Education-Diversity' with a focus on social and health management. She has repeatedly been involved in civil society organizations and has also taken on management positions there. Kimiko speaks fluent English and a good level of French.

Position: Management and business development, coach acquisition and expert for sweat+salty services.

Head Coach - ambassador

I am Max Baumert, 3-time kickboxing world champion and today I work as a performance coach. I specialize in getting busy people, mainly entrepreneurs, managers and the self-employed, into top shape with a crystal-clear plan and personal support!

I am a multi-licensed and qualified personal trainer for various sports, health and nutrition areas. My clients include private individuals, companies and competitors. In addition to my personal training sessions, I run various martial arts group programs in gyms and initiate social (martial) sports projects at schools. I give seminars in which I pass on my experience, regularly organize kickboxing workshops and coach individuals and companies.

Position: Head coach and ambassador.

Cameraman + photographer

Trained cameraman and photographer with over 10 years of professional experience.

Position: Cameraman and photographer.

Key Account Manager

Fitness trainer B-license + A-license, personal trainer license, working in the fitness industry for over 10 years.

Position: Key Account Manager.


We organize healthy team events for the sweat+salty community once a month. The focus of the events is always a changing and selected sports program, carried out by one of the qualified sweat+salty coaches.

The Family & Friends workouts and events strengthen our community and our team. The shared sports experience creates impressive experiences and small, motivating successes for each participant.

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