Corporate sports and Workplace Health Promotion

Our comprehensive offerings promote the maintenance and improvement of your employees' mental and physical health. They sustainably increase the performance and productivity of the workforce.

Corporate sports

sweat+salty corporate fitness for healthy and motivated teams

Company sport keeps employees fit and strengthens their mental and physical health. It can reduce stress and promote motivation and productivity at the same time. The benefits of regular physical exercise and sporting activities for the team in a corporate context are manifold: increased well-being, improved mental and psychological health, strengthening of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, reduction of absences due to illness, 

long-term maintenance of the team's performance, improved working atmosphere and stronger identification of employees with the company. The focus of company sport is on compensatory activities that serve to maintain and promote employee health. In this way, sickness-related absences can be reduced and the performance potential of the workforce strengthened. Positive side effects include team building and job satisfaction.


The constant call for 'faster and better' in everyday working life, the increasing complexity of task profiles and the need for constant change and optimization processes often act as an individual burden and result in stress. One indicator of the increasing physical and mental strain on employees is the rise in the number of sick days in recent years. Employee absences pose considerable financial challenges for companies, as they involve the continued payment of wages without any consideration on the part of employees. In addition to the costs, another aspect of absenteeism is the potential impact on the working atmosphere. For example, it can lead to additional work and dissatisfaction in the office. Conversely, low absenteeism also indicates a good working atmosphere. A promising approach to reducing absenteeism is to invest in employees to maintain and promote their health, as they form the central basis for a successful and competitive company. This is where the sweat+salty health management concept comes in. Our services serve to maintain employee health and counteract acute health risks in the company. The sweat+salty office sport promotes team spirit, supports the development of a healthy working atmosphere and helps to reduce absenteeism.

Workplace Health Promotion

Health management with added value: sustainable solutions at sweat+salty

The wide range of different workplace health promotion (WHP) measures helps to maintain health in the company. The focus is on a healthy and health-promoting organization of work. The BGF interventions can focus on the behaviour of employees, influence the (working) conditions or also target the overall system (work organization/processes).

A combination of behavioral and relationship-related measures strengthens the well-being and physical condition of employees. In order to achieve the best possible results for companies and employers, our BGF programs are always company- and workplace-specific. Each measure is designed individually for each company on the basis of interviews and surveys conducted in advance.

Strengthening of team spirit

Our company sports activities usually take place in-house at the customer's premises. However, there is of course also the option of taking part in the activities at our partner facilities. Ongoing support from one of our sweat+salty coaches motivates employees to take part. Above all, taking part within the company strengthens cohesion among employees and also the sense of belonging to the company. Our company sport is therefore beneficial for both employees and employers. The activities promote team building, well-being and a good working atmosphere among colleagues. This also pays off for employers, as a strong team works together more efficiently and increases the company's success.

Happy and healthy customers



Teamevents and Personal Training

With trainers from various sports disciplines, our aim is to provide the ideal offer for everyone. Strengthen your team with sporting and health-promoting events or find the perfect coach for your personal training and your individual goals with us.

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